Linking a Credit Union Account Number with Suffixes

Credit Unions often have the same exact account number for all of their customer's individual accounts (often referred to as a Member Number) only to be differentiated by a suffix at the end of the account number.  Suffixes may contain a dash or letter like an "S" preceding a 2-4 digit number. Generally the dash or "S" is not needed in the account number for linking purposes.

Example Credit Union Account/Member Number display format:



If your account uses a suffix to differentiate between accounts and you are having trouble linking the account number to your Personal Capital Cash account, please reach out to your Credit Union to determine what numbers should be used for your account number (including a suffix) for linking purposes. 

Your Credit Union may inform you to enter your account number in the following format removing letters and dashes and sometimes unnecessary zeros:



In some rare cases, credit unions use prefixes where the prefix would be at the beginning of the account/member number such as:



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