Adding a Beneficiary to Personal Capital Cash

To add a beneficiary to your Personal Capital Cash account, take the following steps:

      1. Click the pencil icon next to your Personal Capital Cash accountimage__7_.png
      2. In the Edit window, click the Edit button next to "Beneficiaries"image__8_.png
      3. Select beneficiaries from members of your household, or add a new entry by selecting Add Newimage__11_.png
      4. For each beneficiary, set a percentage of your account. You can have any number of beneficiaries, so long as the total percent split among each totals 100%image__13_.png
      5. You can return to edit your beneficiaries by returning to the edit screen and clicking "Edit" once more. Beneficiaries can be removed by clicking the "x" on the edit screen.


Please note that this is only for Personal Capital Cash accounts. For Personal Capital Investment clients, please contact your advisor to make changes to your investment beneficiaries. If you have multiple Cash accounts, you will need to designate beneficiaries for each Cash account separately. 

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