How do I adjust the amounts saved in the savings planner?

The Savings Planner Retirement page allows you to view the amount you have saved this year based on the Cash Flow of each investment account.

It is possible that your linked investments accounts may go into error and cause the transaction errors, thus causing the savings planner to report incorrectly. If this happens, you can adjust the cash flow balance for each investment accounts. To utilize this option, please follow the steps outlined below: 

1) Once accessing the Savings Planner page, you will see the account table. The account table consists of 5 columns; Account, Type/Owner, Saved Last year, Saved this year, and Balances.


2) To make the adjustment, you will click on the dollar amount in the "Saved this year" column.


3) Clicking on the balance will show the specific transactions being taken into account. If you see that there is an error, you can make an adjustment to the amount and update the amount you believe has been saved from that individual account.


If there any missing transactions in the list, please reach out to Support to investigate. 

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