What is the Savings and Withdrawal Planner?


The Savings Planner is a feature that allows you to understand how much you are saving and how that compares to what you should be saving. It is divided into three tools, Retirement, Emergency Fund, and Debt Paydown. Retirement examines how much you should save based on the Retirement Goals you have created in your Retirement Planner Plan. The account table lists each investment account and the amount contributing to this year and comparing the value to last year. Emergency Fund looks at your current savings and recommends how much you should have based on the monthly budget set in your Budgeting widget. Lastly, Debt Paydown follows your current debt and the progress made in paying it down.


Once Retired, the Savings Planner converts to the Withdrawal Planner. Similarly, the Withdrawal Planner Retirement page tracks how much is withdrawn from all investment accounts and breaks down the total from each account.


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