How do I deposit or withdraw money?

You can make deposits or withdrawals directly through your Personal Capital Dashboard. 

  1. Navigate to the “Manage Account” dropdown
  2. Select “Account Details” then “Transfer Funds”
  3. Select your Receiving account from the “To” menu
  4. Select your Sending account from the “From” menu. Note that you cannot transfer funds from an account that is currently in error (indicated with a red or yellow dot)
  5. Enter the amount to transfer. Make sure you have sufficient funds to transfer from your sending account!
  6. Review your selected accounts and the amount to be transferred before checking the authorization box
  7. Click Continue

Once you deposit funds there is a 3 day hold before you can withdraw the funds from your Personal Capital Cash account back into your bank accounts.


Please note that while you can make ACH transfers, we do not currently support wire transfers.

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