Adjusting the balance in manual investment accounts


Manual investment accounts can have their balance adjusted in two ways.  The first way is to adjust the cash balance in the account, the second is by adjusting the details of the holdings in the account.  The total of the cash balance and the holdings is used to create the account balance.  

If you need to edit a manual account that is not an investment account please see the directions how to edit balances in manual accounts.  

Editing the Cash balance

The cash balance can be adjusted by clicking on the pencil icon beside the cash balance.  

Click on Done after changing the value in the Cash field. 


Editing Holdings:

The total for each holding is calculated by multiplying the number of shares by the current price.  The total for all holdings is calculated by adding the value of the individual holdings together.   

By clicking on an individual holding in the list the values can be edited.  

When editing a holding that has a publicly listed ticker the price cannot be edited, but the number of shares can be adjusted.  

The changes to holdings will automatically apply to the total balance of the account after you click on Done

The Remove button will remove the entire holding from the account and should be used if a holding has been entirely sold.  

If new holdings have been purchased that do not already have an entry they can be added by Clicking on Add Holding and filling out the necessary information. 


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