Creating A Manual Account As Your First Account

If you want to add your account as a manual account before linking it directly to your Personal Capital account, please follow the steps outlined below :

1. Once you have logged into your Personal Capital account, a dialog box will be at the forefront and will have a search engine. In the search engine you will need to type "MANUAL". 



2. This will bring up an empty search result window and there will be an option at the bottom of that window: "ADD MANUAL ACCOUNT".


3. Your next step will be to select the account type from the list provided. Once you select the account, enter the appropriate information and the account will then be created.


NOTE: This will not update the value of the asset automatically, however, you will be able to include it in your net worth for a more complete picture of your financial life. In order to get a better picture of your net worth with a manual account linked, you will need to update the overall balance periodically.

If you have already linked an account and need instruction on creating manual accounts afterwards, please follow the steps outlined in this article.

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