How To: Reset Password


     Here are the steps to reset the password for your Personal Capital profile:

  1. Visit Personal Capital website
  2. Click "Login" 
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  3. Enter registered Email and click continue
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  4. Click "Forgot Password" and select from the following options to receive an authorization code
    • Text My Phone
    • Call My Phone
    • Send An Email
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  5. Enter the 4-digit code you are provided with and select "continue". If you do not receive the code you can utilize the "Resend" option or one of the "Switch" options. 
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  6. Enter the credentials for the selected account from the list of your linked accounts. If the account credentials are entered incorrectly this will cause the Personal Capital account to become locked again.
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  7. Enter your new password in both boxes and click "Continue"
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Once you have completed these steps you will be logged into your Personal Capital dashboard.


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