RESOLVED: Chase (as of 09/24/2018)

Update 12/18/2018:

We have received an update from our engineering team, and the issue with Chase accounts is now resolved.


We are aware of an issue with some Chase accounts indicating that your login credentials may not match your account at the Chase site. While we are working on a resolution for this issue, please take the following steps to verify your login credentials:


1. Open up a text application on your computer (word, notepad, notes, etc)
2. Type up the username and password you use for your Chase account
3. Log into the Chase site using this link. Be sure to copy paste the username and password from your text application
4. Log Out of your Chase account
5. Log into Personal Capital at
6. Click on your Chase account
7. Click the pencil icon
8. Click "Edit Login"
9. Update your credentials for your Chase account by copying and pasting from the notepad


If the account still fails with this error please contact support.

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