Why am I unable to login to Personal Capital while using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

As the safety of your financial information is our top priority, our security team is constantly making security improvements and adjustments to our systems. Some of those may affect your ability to login into our application when using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). While VPNs can be useful for security in some contexts (e.g.: with your employer’s network), they are also utilized by hackers to obscure their identities and bypass security measures.

There is no need to utilize VPN to securely access Personal Capital systems as they are protected by very similar technology to encrypt your communications called TLS (formerly SSL). In fact, third-party VPNs may increase the exposure to your financial information as this data now circulates through more networks.

If this is an issue for you we recommend you disable your VPN for accessing Personal Capital. Depending on the specific technology you are using, you may be able to simply manually turn it off or you could also add “*.personalcapital.com” to your exceptions list (if such an option is available for you).

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