I have several different types of Fidelity accounts from www.fidelity.com. I’m not sure which option to use to link all of them.

Personal Capital supports multiple options to link Fidelity accounts. Please refer to the table below on which option to use based on the type of account you are trying to link.


Account Type

Search Term

Option to Choose

IRA, Brokerage,
BrokerageLink, Cash Management, HSA (Bank and Investments)


“Fidelity (All accounts except 401k)”

401(k), ESPP, 403(b), 401(a)

“Fidelity NetBenefits”

“Fidelity NetBenefits (401k)”

Rewards Visa Card

“Fidelity Rewards Visa“

“Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Card”


If you are having any issues adding the accounts with the recommended options, please contact Support.

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