How do I add the value of my home to Personal Capital?

Personal Capital integrates with Zillow to retrieve the latest housing prices in the application. Please follow the steps below to add the value of your home in Personal Capital.  Note that this functionality is currently available only on our web application.

  1. Log in to Personal Capital
  2. Click on the 'Link' (+) icon on the My Accounts panel (see below)
  3. Click on 'More'
  4. Choose 'Home' from the list shown
  5. Enter your address and ensure that the 'Use Zestimate® for home value' is checked.
  6. Click Done.

Once the account is added, you should see the Zillow estimate in Personal Capital for your property. If you wish to disable the Zillow estimate in Personal Capital after the account is linked, click the pencil icon near the account and uncheck the 'Use Zestimate® for home value' box and you can enter your own value.

Note that, if you had previously linked your home, and are enabling the Zestimate® featue, for home value you may see a increase/decrease in your Net Worth. 




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