How do I classify unclassified holdings?

Personal Capital retrieves the allocation information for publicly traded holdings provided there is a valid ticker/CUSIP. If the holding is privately held, or the ticker/CUSIP is unavailable, Personal Capital will show the allocation as ‘Unclassified’. Additionally, if the holding does not have sufficient historical data (about 1-3 years), we will not be able to automatically retrieve allocation information even for a publicly traded holding. However, you can manually update the allocation data for the ‘unclassified’ holdings from our web application using the steps below.

1. Log in to and hover over the ‘Investing’ tab and click on ‘Allocation’

2. Click on the ‘Unclassified’ section

3.  In the holdings table, click on ‘Classify’ next to the holding you want to classify

4. You can choose to classify a holding by either using a representative sample of other holdings/tickers or by entering the specific percentages in each style and sector.

Note that this feature can be used to classify unclassified holdings only. For holdings for which we receive classification data we use that data only so that we may preserve the quality and accuracy of our investment advice.

For detailed instructions with examples, please see the following help articles. 

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