Why I am seeing an 'Incorrect Username/Password error?

If you are seeing the error “Incorrect Username/Password Error” this is most likely the result of a mismatch between your credentials in Personal Capital and your credentials at the financial institution site.

Here are some steps to take to resolve this issue:

If you are setting up your account for the first time, make sure that you enter your login credentials manually. Please do not use Password Managers to setup your accounts as this can sometimes cause errors with linking the accounts.

Click the "+" in your My Accounts list. Search for the account by the Institution Name and click on the listed login URL (Lock Icon) to verify you can access your account.


Write down your username and password in a temporary text edit file, using a program like Word or Notepad. Copy and paste your credentials from that text editor to log in.

If you can log in to your account with the url from the previous step, try clicking on the account in your My Accounts list. This will prompt you to re-enter your credentials, which you can copy and paste from the same text editor again.

Once you have updated your credentials, the account should update successfully.


If you are still seeing an error message after following above, please leave the account in its error state and contact support.

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