Why I am seeing an 'Incorrect Username/Password error?

If you are seeing the error “Incorrect Username/Password Error” this is most likely the result of a mismatch between your credentials in Personal Capital and your credentials at the financial institution site.

The easiest way to confirm if your credentials are correct is to take the following steps:

1. Open up a text application on your computer (word, notepad, etc)
2. Type up the username and password you use for your account
3. Log into the your financial institution's site. Be sure to copy paste the username and password from your notepad
4. Log Out of your account
5. Log into Personal Capital at https://home.personalcapital.com
6. Click on the account in error
7. Click the pencil icon
8. Click "Edit Login"
9. Update your credentials for the account by copying and pasting from the notepad


If you are still seeing an error message after following the steps above, please leave the account in error state and contact support.

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