Why am I being asked to visit my financial institution’s website?

If you are being asked to visit your financial institution’s website, there is likely some information the website requires you to verify/review before the account can be updated in Personal Capital. Typically users receive this error for the following:

  • Accepting New Terms and Conditions
  • Update Profile Information (i.e. Contact information, Email Preferences, etc.)
  • Update Security Questions
  • Accepting paperless statements

In order to update the account in Personal Capital you will have to complete 2 sets of steps. Note that these steps may have to be completed on our web application .

Step 1: Log into your financial institution's website using a new browser (one you haven't previously used to access their website) or a private/incognito window and clear any messages/information requests the site may have for you. Make sure you click around through all your account views to ensure you are not prompted with any of these intermittent windows.

Step 2:

  • Log into Personal Capital
  • Click on the account displaying the error message in the “My Accounts” panel.
  • Click on “Visit Site.”
  • In the new window, log into the institution's website and verify that all prompts have cleared.
  • Return to Personal Capital and click “Continue.”


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