How do I remove an account linked in Personal Capital?

You can delete any linked account from your list in Personal Capital. Note that once you delete an account, all the transactions and data associated with the account will be removed and can not be restored. The specific steps for deleting an account are listed below. Note that this will only delete the account you complete this action for and not the other accounts linked.

Web Application (

  1. Log in to Personal Capital 
  2. Identify the account in question in the 'My Accounts' panel on the left hand side and click the 'Pencil icon' next to the account name 
  3. Click the 'Remove' link in the dialog box. 
  4. Confirm the 'Remove' action



  1. Tap on the account you want to delete. 
  2. Tap on 3 dots towards the top right corner of the screen. 
  3. Tap on 'Edit Account'
  4. Tap on 'Remove Account'


  1. Log in to the app 
  2. Long tap on the account you no longer want (new page will pop up)
  3. Tap ‘Remove Account’

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