Change Your Login Email or Password for Personal Capital

In order to change your email, password, or pin, you will need to be logged in to your Personal Capital Dashboard. If you are having trouble logging in please Contact Support.

Email or Password Change

Please follow the steps below to change your email address registered in Personal Capital,

1. Log into Personal Capital

2. Navigate to the 'Settings' menu under your email address(see image below)

3. Click 'Edit' next to your email address or password. You will be asked to enter your Personal Capital password for security reasons.

4. Change the email address/password to the one you want to use and click 'Save'


You will receive a change notification at both, the old and the new email addresses.

Note: If you are a Personal Capital investment client, please contact your advisor for changing your login email address. 


PIN Change

To change the 6 digit PIN used for accessing Personal Capital on your mobile device, go to Settings and click on 'PIN'. 

If you have forgotten your current PIN, please see click on the 'Forgot PIN' link in the application to reset it.

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