How does Personal Capital Make Money?

Our core service is free to all. If you choose, we can build and manage a personalized investment strategy for less than 1% in management fees but there is no obligation to enroll in our portfolio management service.

Our fees are low, transparent, and aligned with our clients’ best interest. One simple fee includes investment advice, portfolio management, custody and trading. The schedule is as follows:

  • First $1 Million: 0.89%

For clients that invest $1 Million or more:

  • First $3 Million: 0.79%
  • Next $2 Million: 0.69%
  • Next $5 Million: 0.59%
  • Over $10 Million: 0.49%

We are excited to offer the type of service previously only available to institutions and ultra-high net worth individuals.

You can get more insight from the link below:


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