Feature Differences Between Web and iPad

The following features are currently available only on the Personal Capital website

  • Investment Checkup: Compare your allocation to a baseline, identify risks in your current portfolio, see the fees for your ETF and Mutual Funds
  • Editing investment holding tickers or cusip's.  If you need to make an edit to a holdings ticker or cusip, you can do so from the website inside of the holdings section for the account in which those holdings are held.
  • Shopping for a personal fund
  • Enrolling for a personal capital investment account
  • Investment performance

We are constantly adding new functionality to our apps, so please provide feedback on what you would like to see.

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    This is a great app with lots of potential! There are two main things that I think would improve this app even more though: Subcategories for categorizing transactions and a budgeting feature. When I use Mint.com I really like the subcategory feature because I can break up things like transactions in the 'Food' category into 'Restaurants,' 'Fast Food,' 'Bars,' and 'Groceries,' for example, then if I drilled down further, I could see the individual transactions. It is more helpful to help visualize spending and income habits if I can see the types of income and expenses I have rather than looking at the individual vendors. Also, the ability to create custom categories and split categories would be immensely helpful-because everyone's circumstances and budgeting process is different. Regarding budgeting, this is the sole feature that keeps me using Mint.com in addition to Personal Capital. This is crucial for this caliber of a service. It allows the user to take action on his/her income and spending habits and create a plan to be more efficient. It also leads the user to spend more time using/visiting the app, which can only help Personal Capital in terms of increased exposure. I think this app is great, and I'm eager to switch over entirely from Mint to Personal Capital, but the subcategory and budgeting features are holding me back. Thanks!