Daily Email: Your continuous Money Monitor

Continuous Monitoring

Monitoring your financial accounts activities is one of the best ways to avoid fraud and identity theft, we allow you to continuously monitor your accounts through the dashboard.  Just make sure all of your accounts are linked in the dashboard. We can also send you a daily email containing every transaction during the last 24 hours in all your linked accounts -- bank, broker and credit card accounts.


To set up your continuous Daily Email monitoring, in our web application, go to your email in the upper right hand corner then select "Settings" in the Drop Down menu. In the Email Preferences section, check the "Daily" checkbox and then "Save Changes".

Every morning, you'll receive an email summarizing transactions from all your linked accounts.  Just take a quick peek and confirm that all the activity was yours.  It's a great way to catch any problems -- like bogus credit card charges -- right away.


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