Credit Card Account Details

The Credit Cards section of the My Accounts panel includes all of your credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and department store cards as well. Clicking on the Credit Card title will open the All Transactions view to show you only your credit card transactions. This is a great way to stay on top of your charges and review them.

Credit Card Account Details

When you click on an individual credit card, Personal Capital shows you the financial institution name as well as the account name. You can also view the Credit Limit, Credit available, date and time of last update and the current balance for each card.  Your Credit Limit and Credit available may not always be available for all credit cards. This section also includes 3 tabs that provide additional insight into important elements of your credit card account.


This displays your charge volume by week so you can see if your charges are trending up or down


This includes any fees or interest you have paid on the account. Any transaction that is categorized as either 'Service Charges / Fees' or 'Interest' is included in cost.


The Bills page displays your most recent bill for the account.  It shows your due date, statement balance, minimum payment, amount due and your prior bill details as well.

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