My Accounts Panel Overview

All of the accounts you have added are listed on the My Accounts panel on the left side of the browser window.  Your accounts are organized by Cash at the top, then Investment, Credit Card, Loans, Mortgage, Other Assets and Other Liabilities.

Clicking on the group name, like Cash, takes you to the Net Worth-Cash page.  This is a shortcut to view all accounts by group.

Clicking on an account name will open the account details page for that account where you can see balance data, transactions, and other insights.

You can collapse the panel to have more room for content on the right by clicking on the [<- in the upper left of the My Accounts panel.

Account errors will be displayed in the panel as well. For example if we are having difficulty contacting one of your financial institutions to update your account data you will see an icon next to your account name. Clicking on that icon will take you to a series of steps to allow you to help us resolve the error.

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