Dashboard Overview

The financial dashboard takes all of your finances and gives you a quick overview of each area, with links to get more detail

Cash Flow: This shows you the inflow and outflow for all of your accounts for the past 30 days. It's a simple way for you to see how much you are saving or spending.  You can hover over the Money In number to see the last 5 deposit transactions, or the Money Out to see the last 5 expenses. If you click on any of the category names in the legend you will be taken to the Cash Manger where you will see the complete detail for transactions in that category.

Investment Allocation: This shows you a tops down view of your investments across all of the asset classes to provide you a view in line with a long term strategic allocation. You can click on any of the asset classes and you will go to the Allocation tab of the Portfolio Manager and see that level of detail.

Gainers and Losers: You will see how your stocks are performing vs the S&P for today, if after market close you will see how they ended the day vs the S&P.  Below the graph we show you your top 5 gainers and top 5 losers. 

Messages: This is where you will see system related messages, for example if there is a new version of our browser plugin you would see a link to download it. Also you can tell a friend about Personal Capital. This section would also be used for maintenance notifications.

Next Steps: This guides you through setting up your Personal Capital experience.  We want to make sure that you have your net worth picture completed so you can make the most of the service.  It will guide you through the types of accounts you can create as well as offline accounts like the value of your home or other assets you may have. Once you get to 100% complete it will disappear from the dashboard.

Bill Reminders: This shows you upcoming Bills for the next 14 days for your Credit, Loan and Mortgage accounts.  If you have already paid a bill you can just check the box next to it and click on 'Mark as Paid,' and it will remove itself from the list.  If you don't mark a bill as paid it will automatically roll off the list 4 days past it's due date.

Net Worth: This is where you can see your current net worth, and later you will be able to interact with our net worth feature that is coming soon.

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