Investment Account Details

Investment on the My Accounts panel includes all of your investment accounts both taxable and non-taxable. Clicking on the Investment title takes you to the All Transactions page with investment transactions only displayed.

Investment account details shows the Financial Institution name, your account name, and the last update date and time as well as the current balance.

The right side of the account details pages lists 2 tabs that show you different views of your account

Balances shows you the balance of the account and the end of each month. Because we only have limited data on your account when you first add it, you will see more balance date the longer you use Personal Capital.

Income shows you all investment income for that account by month.  Income includes any transactions and amounts that are categorized as 'Interest' or 'Investment Income.'  It doesn't include transfers or deposits into the account.  If you see transactions that you consider investment income that aren't included in the totals change the category to either 'Interest' or 'Investment Income,' also feel free to report the financial institution and transaction type to us so we can improve the accuracy in the future.

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