Cash Account Overview

Cash accounts in the my Accounts panel on the left include your Checking, Savings, Money Market accounts. When you click on one of your accounts you see the details for that account.

Cash Account details includes the financial institution name, account name, last updated date and time, current balance and available balance. Current balance is the most recent balance reported by your financial institution, but the available balance reflects what you can safely spend from that account. For example if you make a large deposit and it hasn't cleared your current balance will reflect that deposit but your available balance won't include that amount.

The right side of the account details pages lists 3 tabs that show you different views of your account

Cash Flow shows you the inflows and outflows for that account by week for the past 5 weeks and the current week. You can see the trend in your inflows and outflows over time, and get a better sense for how you are doing

Interest shows any interest income you earned for that account. If you have an account where you aren't earning interest think of moving to one where you do earn something. If you have earned interest but don't see an amount up here take a look at the transactions and make sure that the interest transaction is categorized as 'Interest,' to ensure that it gets counted.

Cost shows you any charges associated with the account, this includes any transaction categorized as 'Service Charges / Fees,' If you are being charged too much consider moving your account or consolidating accounts to have a higher average balance.

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