My Cash Overview

My Cash section allows you to see your total income and total expenses across all of your accounts for the last 30 days or more. By default it is set to the last 30 days worth of transactions and includes everything but; Loan or Mortgage accounts, transactions that are categorized as transfers, credit card payment, 401k contribution, Savings, Securities Trades

Spending: Shows you spending across all of your accounts. The pie chart at the top shows you the relative size of spending categories vs your overall spending. The bar chart on the left will show you your income and spending by month for the past 3 months and the current month. This allows you to compare your prior months to the current 30 day period.  The pie chart and the legend are click-able to get more detail on your categorized spending and the transactions below reflect what is selected.  For example if you had a large amount of spending in 'groceries' you could click on it on the legend or in the pie chart and you would then be viewing only groceries in the pie, bar chart, and transaction list. You can see the transactions that make up your grocery spending and compare your current spending to your historical spending by month on groceries. For quick access you can use the drop down controls where it says 'Show: All Categories' you can use the drop down to select a different category.

Income: The opposite of spending it shows you your income for the past 30 days, you can use the date selector to include a larger period.  The bar chart shows you the average income by month, and the summary box below the pie chart displays your current savings or over spending for the period.

Account Selector: You can choose to include all accounts or exclude some accounts from the cash manager this setting is not saved between sessions. Investment accounts are included in the My Cash section to reflect investment income, and spending for those customers that use their investment accounts for day to day expenses.

Date Range: Default is for 30 days, you can select more, or you could select just a single month to see how you did that month.

Transfer Categories: A note on transfers and their related categories being excluded from the My Cash section.  This is so spending on things like Credit Cards is not double counted. If the Transfer category Credit Card Payment was included in the My Cash section then your spending would be increased by the amount of the credit card payment and your income would be increased by the amount of the credit card deposit in your credit card account.  We exclude transfer categories so you get the clearest picture possible of your actual spending in a given month.

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