All Transactions Overview

All Transactions is as it sounds, it's simply a list of all of the transactions we have for all of your accounts.  It's a great place to review your most current transactions, or use the filtering buttons on the top of the page to view only 'Cash,' 'Credit,' 'Loan,' or 'Investment' transactions.

The search field will search all transactions in the date range you have selected, default is 30 days

The column headers for the transaction list is sortable just by clicking on the header you can change it to sort by oldest transaction first, or by Description, or Amount.

Descriptions are what we received from your financial institution but you can change them to be more descriptive. Just click into the description field and type a new description and enter or click your mouse outside of the transaction to save your change

You can change categories in a similar fashion by using the drop down, selecting the category you want to use and hitting enter or clicking on it with your mouse.

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