Adding your first account in Personal Capital

Personal Capital allows you to track Bank, Credit, Loan, Mortgage and Investment accounts.  You can easily add an account by clicking the 'Link' (+) icon on the sidebar.

Before you begin: We can only track accounts that you already have online access to.  This means you need to have a username and password for your financial institution before we can track it for you.  Once you have your online access credentials you can proceed to add your financial institutions.

Step 1: Search for your financial institution by name, or you can enter the web address of their site; for example

Step 2: Select the right account type.  Many financial institutions have different products and product names. If you get a large number of account types returned try selecting to view just one type of account; Cash, Credit Cards, Loans, Investments

Step 3: Once you have selected the account type you now need to enter the credentials you use to log into that site so we can track it.  When you enter your credentials and click 'Continue' we will attempt to contact your financial institution.

We go out and verify your credentials with your financial institution, in some instances your institution may need additional information for us to complete connecting to it. If so you will be prompted to provide additional information. If no additional information is required then we will skip Step 4 and return you to the search screen to add an additional account.  We will also automatically look for any accounts you have with that institution. For example if you have a B of A Checking, Savings, Credit and Loan we will attempt to add all of those accounts so you don't need to search and add them.

Step 4: If additional information is required when we have completed adding your institution you can see what accounts were added on this step and select additional account types that you would like us to connect for you.

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