How do I create a Custom Stock Options account?

Stock options tracker allows you to input and track the value of your individual option grants, update pricing for privately held companies, and provide hypothetical prices to see the potential future value of your vested and unvested shares.

Please complete the steps below to create the stock options account. Note that these steps will have to be completed on our web application ( only, and not our mobile apps.

  1. To setup a stock option account create a new account by hitting the + icon on the My Accounts panel.
  2. Select the 'More...' button at the bottom of the Link Your Account section.
  3. Select the 'Custom Stock Options' link in the Select Account Type section. 
  4. Enter Company name and provide a ticker if one exists and we will automatically update current pricing.
  5. If you have a brokerage account that holds the options you currently have vested, then select 'only track unvested shares.'  This will set the stock option account to only provide a value for shares that aren't vested, so that as they vest and appear in your brokerage account you can still track the value of shares that have yet to vest.
  6. Select continue and you are now inside of that stock option account and can enter the value of your first option grant

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