How do I add stock option grants?

Once you have a stock option account created you can enter grants with various vesting schedules, even handling stock grants as well as options

4 year grant with a 1 year cliff then monthly vesting.  This is one of the most common grant types in high tech.  You have a number of shares granted but the first block of shares don't vest until the end of the first year.  Then additional shares are granted monthly.

  1. Vesting start date is the date your vesting starts, sometimes it's the same as the grant date, if you can't find the start date you can use grant date
  2. Grant description we create a default using the date and the company name but you can change this to be anything you want
  3. Exercise price is the price at which you can purchase your shares
  4. Current price can be the same as the exercise price but if you are entering grants that are in the past, hopefully the current price is higher. If you are a public company and entered a ticker then we price it automatically
  5. Total shares is the total number of shares in the grant
  6. Vesting schedule is a drop down where you can select from one of the standard schedules or choose a custom vesting schedule.

If you choose a custom vesting schedule, use Fully vested in XX months where XX is usually 48 for a 4 year grant, enter length of cliff in months at 12 since usually grants have a 1 year cliff before you start to get shares, sometimes they have a 2 year cliff and you would use 24 months. Shares granted after the initial cliff.  Then since grants are normally annual, you would enter Vesting every 12 months.

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