Can I see transactions beyond 90 days, when I first add an account?

When you first add an account Personal Capital will retrieve 1-3 months worth of transactions, this varies by financial institution.  Within each account type the type of information we will be able to display will differ as well.  For example

Bank accounts: Not all financial institutions provide pending transactions (these are transactions that the bank is aware of but hasn't finalized yet, frequently they are debit card authorization)

Credit Cards: We can provide your current interest rate for some credit cards but not all credit cards provide that information to us

Loans & Mortgages: Not all financial institutions provide the breakdown between principal and interest, interest rates, and in some cases transactions aren't provided just the current balance.

Investments: We receive transaction dates, descriptions, action (buy, sell, reinvest, dividend, etc) shares and amount

If you are missing certain data from your accounts please let us know and we will work to add it.

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