Linking E*Trade Accounts

E*Trade offers different modes of authorization, in addition to your username and password. Personal Capital provides its users with an option to to link their E*Trade accounts that require a secondary token/code. 

To link these accounts successfully, please take the following steps:

  1. Log in to Personal Capital
  2. Click on the '+' icon to link your account.
  3. Search for 'E*Trade' and click on the search result.
  4. If you use a token/secure code, please select the correct option under the 'LOGIN WITH SECURITY DEVICE OR PASSWORD' drop-down menu
    • If you use, Username and Password, select 'Password Only'
    • If you use Security ID, select 'Password and Token'.    
  5. Click on the "Link" button to confirm your information. 
    • Note: If selecting 'Password and Token', enter in your Username and Password in their respective fields. After clicking "Link", you will receive another prompt to enter in the security token.

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