Some of my accounts are showing a Red or Yellow Icon next to them, what do they mean?

When trying to update or link your accounts, further steps or an investigation may be needed to have the account sync successfully. This will show as either a Red or Yellow icon next to the account name.

A Red icon suggests that additional steps are required to update the account. Common actions are entering in your credentials, providing a passcode, or answering a security question. You can click on the Red icon and follow the prompts to sync the account. If you are unable to clear the icon, please contact support.

Note: For username/password errors, please refer to this FAQ, as this may resolve the error.

A Yellow icon typically indicates a syncing error on Personal Capital’s side. For this error, please contact support and leave the account in error in your Personal Capital setup so that they can investigate further. They will need to review the setup in error to troubleshoot the issue.

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