529 Sites Moving to Aggregator URL's

We are aware that several 529 College Savings Plan sites are developing new URL's for aggregators this year to provide a more secure link to sync your accounts. We are working on adding support for these new sites as they roll out.

You may have received a notification about these changes from your 529 Financial Institution. If not, we would recommend to reach out to them to confirm if one has been developed. When access has been created and if you are required to create a new login, you will need to update your credentials in Personal Capital for your existing 529 College Savings Plan account.

After updating your credentials, you may see a new duplicated account. This new account could have been created due to discrepancies between the original setup and the new aggregator setup (i.e. different account name).  If that happens, you can set the original account to closed in Personal Capital to retain the historical information and use the date of your oldest transaction in the new account as the closed date.

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